Sunday, 9 June 2019


I have started blogging since April 2011. As everyone knows, this blog is about history of Malankara Nazranies based on modern researches and studies. It has nothing to do with faith, Churches, or Christian philosophies. The articles published here are based studies conducted over a prolonged period checking credentials of sources, evidences etc. That is why most of the findings or outlook expressed or stated here goes against conventional narratives of church historians or believers. Hence, it attracted much criticism as well as appreciations.

Since 2011, many enthusiasts, researchers, readers contacted me over phone, e-mail or personal visits and requested more information and explanations. Most of the research students or independent research persons ask for help from me regarding the history of Christianity in Kerala, India. I often help them providing my articles, opinions, sources, analytical observation, methodologies etc. in return a byline or a citation as a reward of my work.   

But some vociferously criticized me for my attitude towards different Syriac Churches and my explanations was that a history student can not manipulate it based on church requirements. I have no regrets or naïve attitude towards critics of my papers. Some of my severe critics and detractors turned friends’ due course of time.

But my concern here is a new trend in extensively copying and using my research/studies without any byline or credit to its author. Some researchers use technical terms coined by me, some use paragraphs, some the methodology or analysis without mentioning/citing my name, article name, or the blog address. I have even came across a fellow who completely copied one of my articles and posted in a serious discussion group without citation or a byline.

Last year , there was a Research scholar from one of the famous Universities of Briton contacted me over phone asking for help in understanding one of my article regarding Chaldeanisation (kaldayavadam) among certain groups of Syro-Malabar Roman Katholics.  She told me that she got the article and my cell number from a friend but rejected to reveal the identity of that person. Since I was least bothered about that, have explained the article, provided the sources, the methodology etc. and gave her my blogs link so that she can use it for her studies /research.  During the period of past one year she contacted me few times over phone and we engaged in lengthy discussion. During these discussions, I have informed my work on Persian Crosses, Vatican Syriac Codex 22, Tharissa palli Plates, Population studies of Malankara Nazranies Vs Syro-Malabar Katholics etc. and asked her to read it in this Blog. She was aware of my pen name in Facebook and my original name from our first contact.

Few days ago, she sends me an email pretending as unaware of our discussions requesting my number to talk to me regarding my article on Vatican Syriac Codex 22. I was quite amused and send her a reply that we are already in contact and you can call me any time. But she asked me to contact her over phone so that she could call me. Since I found no logic in her e-mail request, I didn’t telephone her. Subsequently she called me on this Friday and we engaged in long discussion as usual. She wanted to know all about the methodology and sources and conclusion of my study.  I explained everything regarding Vatican Codex 22 manipulation, sources, methodology, conclusion etc. over phone and she suddenly said that she has also arrived same conclusion. I was totally astonished by her statement when barely a year ago she was not knowing about the Vatican Syriac Codex 22 manipulation at all. It was me who suggested the possibility and gave her my paper on the subject as a reply to her enquiry on my negation of Nestorian hierarchy before 1490 AD.

 Understanding her hidden agenda, I  tactically made a statement that the term “”Malankara Moopan“” -head of Malankara Nazranies was coined by me and now it is used by every research scholars in their paper . Some give citation/ byline but majority do not care to do that.  She outrightly said that she will not be able to give citation to my papers /articles /work since you have not written a book. My study on Vatican Syriac Codex 22 is done 2010 and published through my blog April 2012. If you are using my study partly, fully or using the methodology, analysis of source materials etc. you should give a byline /citation / accreditation in my name/blog. She was repeatedly rejected it and disconnected the phone.

I understand that she called me to clear her doubts on my paper on Vatican Syriac Codex 22. It can be  logically deducted from my conversation with her that she might have stolen my study and promoted it as her study to concerned scholars. But faced many questions which she could not answer, that is why she played this drama.  

I have sent her detailed reply on this subject and warned her on infringement on my intellectual property right on my paper/blog article / work. But, categorically offered her that she can use my work /paper/ Blog article if she is willing to give accreditation/byline /citation in my Name/Blog.  

This is written here to inform my readers that this blog articles are just a prelude to my upcoming book on Malankara Nazranies /Syriac Christianity in India. Now readers can understand the reason why this blog is not continuously updated. But I regularly observe the comments and reply them.

Thanks & regards.

Jeevan Philip